Three Kinds of Manufacturing Process for Automobile Connector Production

For the quality of vehicle connectors, it may be affected by many factors that determine the quality of the product.

Ⅰ. Competitive factors of vehicle connectors

For automotive connector manufacturers, the main competitive factor is the efficiency of the manufacturing technology level. Only by researching and developing sustainable new manufacturing technologies, improving existing processing technologies, and maximizing the efficiency of product manufacturing can the quality of vehicle connectors be guaranteed.

Ⅱ. Manufacturing process involved in automobile connector

Today, automobile connector products involve three types of manufacturing processes, including: precision manufacturing process technology, light source signal and electromechanical layout combined development technology, and low temperature and low pressure molding technology. Below we mainly explain the knowledge of these three technologies.

1. Precision production technology

This technology is mainly for the small distance, thin thickness and other technologies, which can ensure that it reaches the advanced level of the world's peers in the field of ultra-precision production.

2. Combining development technology of light source signal and electromechanical layout

This technology can be applied to audio car connectors that are embedded in electronic components. Adding electronic components to auto connectors can allow auto connectors to have two functions, breaking the traditional plan of car connectors.

3. Low temperature and low pressure forming technology

In the manufacturing process of the automobile connector, the airtightness and the physical and chemical hot-melt function are used to make the automobile connector achieve the function of insulation and temperature resistance. After the packaging, the wire ensures that the solder joints are not pulled by external forces, and the quality and reliability of the automobile connector products are guaranteed.

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