The development trends of Sunkye High-temperature and high-pressure connectors in the petroleum industry.

High-temperature and high-pressure (HTHP) connectors are an essential component in the oil and gas industry, particularly in drilling, production, and refining processes. Sunkye HTHP connectors are designed to withstand harsh environments and provide reliable connections to ensure safety and prevent equipment failure.

Advantages of Sunkye High Temperature and High-Pressure Connectors
      Sunkye High Temperature & High Pressure HTHP Connector

Temperature and pressure resistance:

High-temperature and high-pressure connectors are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and pressures, making them ideal for use in oil and gas applications.

Corrosion resistance:

These connectors are often made from materials that are resistant to corrosion, such as stainless steel or nickel alloys, to ensure long-term durability in harsh environments.

Reliable connection:

High-temperature and high-pressure connectors are designed to provide a secure and reliable connection that can withstand vibrations and other mechanical stressors.


These connectors can be customized to fit a variety of applications, including different diameters, angles, and lengths.

Development Trends of High Temperature and High-Pressure Connectors


The trend towards smaller, more compact equipment is driving the development of miniaturized HTHP connectors that can fit into tight spaces and provide reliable connections in areas that were previously difficult to access.

Smart connectors:

The use of sensors and other electronic components within connectors is becoming more common, allowing for real-time monitoring and data collection.

Increased automation:

As the industry moves towards more automated processes, connectors that can be quickly and easily connected and disconnected are becoming more important.

Advanced materials:

New materials are being developed that can withstand even higher temperatures and pressures, such as advanced ceramics and composites.

Environmental concerns:

The industry is becoming more focused on reducing its environmental impact, and connectors that are designed for easy disassembly and recycling are gaining popularity.

In conclusion, high-temperature and high-pressure connectors play a critical role in the petroleum industry, providing reliable connections that can withstand extreme conditions. The development trends of these connectors are towards miniaturization, smart capabilities, increased automation, advanced materials, and environmental consciousness. As the industry continues to evolve, Sunkye HTHP connectors will continue to be essential components in ensuring safe and efficient operations.

Product Introduction

Mechanical Performance

Random vibration:10Hz-2000Hz, 0.3G2/Hz, acceleration 20G, 175.4h on direction X, Y, Z.

Shock:490m2/s, 11ms

Endurance: 500 cycles

Electrical Performance

Dielectric withstanding voltage: 1000VDC, 60s, leak current5mA

Normal temperature insulate resistance:5000MΩ (500VDC,normal-tem.)

High temperature insulate resistance: 500MΩ (500VDC, 200)

Rated current: 1A continuous current

Environmental Performance

Temperature range: -55to +200

Operating pressure: 0MPa to 140MPa

High temperature life: 200,600h

Temperature shock: -55to +200, 15 cycles, the temperature switching time is 15 min

Salt spray: 48h

Air leak: helium leak test 1×10-3Pa.cm3/s

High temperature high pressure:140MPa, 200, 10h

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