What Other Functions Do Micro Mini Connectors Need Besides Small Size?

We can clearly see that there are more and more miniaturized and precise electronic products, such as wearable devices (smart phones, smart watches), Bluetooth headphones and so on. The demand for micro-connectors is increased gradually. What other functions need to be improved besides the precision and miniaturization of micro mini connectors?

The first is flexible functionality. Wearable sensor devices are gradually entering the field of sportswear and other clothing, including shoes, which can monitor a series of physiological indicators and performance indicators. Flexible motion tracker and fitness tracker can be well-used in this kind of application. So it needs micro mini connectors to have flexible function.

The second point is security. For example, charge and heat clothes. Heating clothes means using power supply, so micro mini connectors are indispensable. In this environment, this type of mil dtl 83513 connector put forward higher requirements for safety and stability. In case of unexpected situations such as leakage, it is not a joke.

The third point is to have excellent signal transmission function. Because of the small size, the application space of micro mini connector is small, and the condition of signal transmission is more stringent.

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