Connector Manufacturers Have Ushered in New Development Opportunities

Connectors are very basic electronic devices. Compared with the slowly growing application market such as computers and mobile devices, the new market will bring new profit growth points to electrical connector manufacturers. They are 5G communication, automobile and industrial markets respectively.

5G will be another key factor in the outbreak of communication market. Connectors carry the task of data connection between computers and terminals in communication. In data communication, wired and wireless communication coexist, and the demand for wireless connectors will be increased. In automotive applications, because of the need for automotive grade connectors in automotive entertainment system and electric system, connectors are also needed between on-board entertainment system and electronic equipment in addition to data transmission between engine management system and equipment. Industrial connectors need stronger reliability and performance. With the construction of industrial internet, stronger connectors are needed between hard industrial equipment and network. They have new requirements for connector performance.

If connector manufacturers want to seize these opportunities, they have to overcome many technical difficulties and implement different demands for different markets.

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