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In electronic technology, instruments that only pay attention to their input and output signals without paying attention to their internal are called black boxes.

The flight information recording system includes two parts: one is the cockpit voice recorder. From the beginning of the flight, it has been recording all kinds of sounds in the cockpit, such as conversations and other sounds. But it can only keep the sound within 30 minutes before stopping the recording. The second part is the flight data recorder, which records all kinds of data on the aircraft on magnetic tape in real-time. 16 kinds of important data must be recorded, such as acceleration, attitude, thrust, fuel quantity, position, and so on.

The black box must withstand an impact of 1,000 times its gravity, withstand a high temperature of 11,000°C for 30 minutes without being damaged, and be immersed in seawater for 30 days without entering the water. It is equipped with an automatic signal generator that can emit radio signals to facilitate air search; it is also equipped with an ultrasonic underwater positioning beacon, which can automatically send out ultrasonic signals for 30 consecutive days when the black box falls into the water. With the protection of the above technical measures, most of the black boxes that have been violently impacted, burned by fire or dropped into the deep sea can be found after the plane crash.

Connectors are used to connect the internal boards of the black box to facilitate maintenance and replacement. What technical challenges do aircraft black boxes face?

Once the plane crashes, the surrounding environment will become very harsh, with strong radiation, extremely low temperature, low-temperature frost, and extremely high temperature. This is a big challenge for all the equipment on the plane, especially the connector.

Sunkye D38999 connectors' performance is as follows:

Temperature Range: -65℃~ +200℃
• Salt Spray : 500h (E) 48h (N)
• Shock : 300g
• Vibration : 10Hz~ 2000Hz, 1.0g2 m/H
• Quick lock thread with anti-loosening mechanism
• 100% scoop-proof to ensure no damage to the contacts in a blind mating application
• With grounding reeds to strengthen EM/RFI shielding
• 25% lighter than the general aluminum shell type

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