Reliability of Aerospace Electrical Connectors

Storage Reliability of Aerospace Electrical Connectors

The temperature, humidity, cleanliness and corrosive gas of the storage environment will affect the performance parameters of the electrical connector, especially the humidity is particularly sensitive to the insulation resistance. For example, H2S, SO2 and other gases will cause a layer of oxide or sulfide insulating film on the surface of the contact coating, which will react faster and produce a thicker insulating film in humid environment, seriously affecting the contact reliability of the electrical connector. Therefore, the storage environment of high reliable electrical connectors such as aerospace is very strict. Especially for the electrical connector after secondary screening, it is necessary to attach great importance to the storage environment. According to qj2227 "requirements for storage and overdue retest of aerospace electronic components", the storage environment conditions of micro electrical connectors are divided into three categories.

Installation Reliability of Aerospace Electrical Connectors

The installation personnel shall first understand the technical characteristics of the electrical connector, and shall not use it under overload or overstress, and shall correctly connect and separate it according to the operation and use methods to avoid burning or damaging the electrical connector. Before connecting, check whether there is any superfluous matter, whether there is corrosion of the shell, abnormal pinhole, inflexible locking mechanism, etc., to avoid the loosening of the tail cover and the damage to the cable core. In the process of use, it should be handled with care, not littered, to prevent the contact from bending and pollution.

Before connecting the military style electrical connectors without anti misoperation, it is necessary to carefully verify whether the model and mark of the electrical connector correspond to each other, and correctly position them to prevent reverse or misoperation. When the electrical connector is separated for a long time, it shall be covered with a protective cover, otherwise, the pin may be inclined, deformed, or many things may fall off. During the performance test of the electrical connector, the qualified and new plug or analog pin shall be used, and the probe or copper bar shall not be used to insert into the socket for measurement, otherwise the socket will be loose and the contact will be poor.

In order to ensure the reliability of the electrical connector after termination, the connecting wires and connecting tools with appropriate model and specification shall be selected strictly according to the specifications, and the correct welding, crimping, winding and other processes shall be mastered. Prevent accidents such as false welding, false pressure, end connection falling off, fracture and pollution. In particular, after welding, it is necessary to clean up the weld beading and residue in time. When disassembling the military grade electrical connectors, it must be disassembled and inspected according to the requirements, and special attention shall be paid to whether there is missing installation, whether it is in place, whether the contact number is accurate, whether the rubber parts are twisted, etc. After assembly, corresponding test connection shall be carried out to ensure interchangeability. During disassembly and assembly, parts shall be properly kept preventing looseness and failure.

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