Development Trend Of Automobile Connector In China

1. Policy-oriented role

The formulation of new energy electric vehicle industry policies should be determined according to China's national conditions.

In terms of developing a green transportation system, China's national plan proposes to accelerate the upgrading of vehicle and ship structures and promote the use of new energy vehicles.

Accelerate the use of new energy or clean energy vehicles in new and updated buses, sanitation, postal services, leasing, commuting, and light material distribution vehicles in urban built-up areas, with 80% of key areas being used; new ports and airports in key areas The main purpose of adding or replacing working vehicles is to use new energy or clean energy vehicles.

By the end of 2020, all buses in logistics parks, industrial parks, industrial parks, and large single-city built-up areas will be replaced with new energy vehicles. Construction of centralized charging piles and fast charging piles in logistics distribution centers such as logistics parks, industrial parks, industrial parks, large commercial shopping centers, and farmers' wholesale markets. According to national policy guidance, OEMs also adjust internal models according to relevant policies, which determines the development direction of connectors.

2. Platformization and customization

There are also many types of electric vehicles. For example, passenger cars, logistics vehicles, including custom connectors, the requirements will be different, or some special requirements will be raised, so there are also unmanned vehicles, IoT vehicles, new Energy and more. Connector manufacturer company needs to consider the customization of the needs of this electric vehicle segment industry (full vehicle side and battery side). Because in general, these types of cars are used in different occasions. In fact, they are a segmented field. Although the volume is not so large, the market belongs to automotive electrical terminals manufacturers. In this market is to be top-notch, but also a good choice.

The second is platformization. In the future, batteries and vehicles will tend to be platformized. How to maintain in-depth technical communication with customers and form platformized products on both sides is very important. There are many domestic OEMs in China, and everyone's platforms are now different. For example, there are many battery package factories, each of which has its own module scheme and battery box grouping scheme. As an automotive connector manufacturer, it is necessary to think about how to make a platform-friendly application.

3. Miniaturization and lightweight

Under the background that the automobile industry is increasingly pursuing energy saving and environmental protection, the lightweight and miniaturization of automobiles has become a technological trend, and it is also the focus of automotive manufacturers' technological competition.

By controlling the weight of the entire vehicle, it can effectively reduce fuel consumption, reduce exhaust emissions, and improve fuel efficiency. Under the general environment of the automotive industry, new energy connectors must also be miniaturized and lightened.

A series of important solutions for miniaturization and weight reduction of automobiles, including the introduction of smaller size high-performance copper alloy wires as signal transmission lines, the introduction of miniaturized terminal and contact system with micro dsub connectors, and the crimping generated by this miniaturization Unstable optimization and reliable verification methods; the principle of using high-performance terminals to reduce the size of small power transmission conductors, and the use of aluminum conductors instead of large-diameter copper conductors that transmit larger power.

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