Circular Hermetic Connector Production Process and Purchase Attention

The rectangular hermetic connector has a wide range of applications, not only in the field of machinery manufacturing and industrial automation, but also in the field of information control technology. This is because the rectangular sealed connector can help users save a lot of installation time, reduce production costs, and improve the convenience of use. So, do you know how the rectangular hermetic connector is produced?

1. Production process of rectangular hermetic connector

⑴ Forming of the rectangular hermetic connector

In the production process of rectangular hermetic connectors, it often starts with the pins. Pins are also called contacts.

⑵ Electroplating of the rectangular hermetic connector

After the pins are completed, they need to be sent to the electroplating process immediately. The electroplating of rectangular hermetic connector pins is to plate various metal coatings on the surface of the product. The production of a type of parts similar to the stamping stage, such as twisting, chipping or deformation of pins, requires electroplating equipment.

Although electroplating can brighten the surface of the product and improve the corrosion resistance of the product, it can be found through inspection that there will be some defects on the electroplated surface, such as pinholes and scratches. Therefore, the pins of some connectors need to be plated more metal layers.

2. What should I pay attention to when buying the rectangular hermetic connector?

⑴ Pay attention to the workpiece material

Most of the rectangular hermetic connector housings that can be seen on the market are made of aluminum alloy, of course, there are also other materials processed. However, aluminum alloy material is more suitable for the needs of a variety of occasions, so try to buy products of this material.

⑵ Pay attention to the connection method

Generally speaking, rectangular hermetic connectors are mainly used to connect various cables and wires. When purchasing, it is necessary to consider the specifications, models and connection methods of the connectors that need to be used. Select the corresponding connector.

⑶ Consider the accuracy range

Different types and models of rectangular hermetic connectors have different accuracy ranges. There are some special applications that require high accuracy of the connectors. Therefore, when purchasing, it should be determined whether the accuracy is sufficient to meet actual needs.

In addition, adaptability needs to be considered. Some connectors are affected by the environment, and their performance in different environments is also different. Even if the rectangular hermetic connector has a strong ability to adapt to the environment, it will also be affected by the environment. Due to the influence of unfavorable factors such as humidity, temperature, vibration, etc., it is necessary to consider its adaptability to the surrounding environment when purchasing.

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