The Rapidly Growing Market For Medical Connectors

The coming aging society in China has a strong demand for health care products. The explosive growth of the medical device market has brought unprecedented pressure and power to the component manufacturers currently used in life-saving technology. With the growth of the population aged 65 and above, the medical device manufacturing industry is growing. The demand to ensure people's health is developing rapidly, and the demand of the medical market is also growing significantly.

The custom medical connector face many unique challenges. They must be able to withstand frequent connection and disconnection cycles, provide continuous and accurate performance guarantees in high-risk situations, and withstand frequent cleaning, sterilization and disinfection. It is also affected by rough treatment, shock and vibration, as well as extreme conditions in the high-pressure steam and pressure chamber.

The new generation of devices is using the growing Internet of things to improve connectivity. Devices designed for home use must be able to communicate with the expert medical team for diagnosis, and fixed imaging devices need to be able to quickly transfer information between departments or facilities.

Small portable devices, such as rotary dental tools for cleaning teeth, can easily be discarded in the clinic environment. The internal connector must ensure safe connection in case of vibration, collision and sudden impact. Larger devices, such as MRI machines, x-ray devices, and medical machines with wheelbarrows, can be squeezed into door frames and walls, or hit by patients' wheel beds or cleaners. So, again, secure connectivity is the most important thing. In addition, disposable equipment, a rapidly growing medical equipment field, requires disposable connectors, which must find a balance between high performance and cost.

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