Demand for Heavy Truck Connectors Increases

A solid market for high-reliability connectors is the cornerstone of the trucking industry

The industry trend for commercial trucks is increasing the demand for connectors. Heavy-duty, long-haul trucks, including hybrid and electric vehicles, require high-power connectors. The increased use of LEDs and the increased electronic functions in the cab require more military power connectors. In addition, long-term automatic monitoring requires more sensor kits and extremely high-speed arithmetic processing.

Many trends in trucks are consistent with passenger cars. However, trucks sometimes advance. Due to a shortage of drivers, some mines have already used automated trucks, and using this technology can increase efficiency. Much of the technology needed for driverless trucks comes from autonomous cars.

DAF truck automatically determines the weight that can be carried

Although the sensors and processing modules are similar, the implementation is very different. When a truck is towing a trailer, the control system and sensors must calculate the size of the trailer and make adjustments while loading the cargo. This will be a challenge anyway.

"Whether the load is half full or full, or whether there are liquid containers, the lane keeping system needs to adjust the trailer condition," said Jack Martens of DAF Trucks.

Connector and sensor developments complement each other

There is a stable automotive grade connectors market for autonomous vehicles, and there will be many different sensor technologies in the next generation of trucks. They must meet stringent requirements, process information at high speeds, be shockproof, and provide extreme reliability.

The sensing device mounted on the truck may consist of four or five cameras and at least three wireless transmission modules. The number of sensors can be quite large, depending on how successful the sensor manufacturer is in making small, inexpensive sensors.

Another trend in the truck industry connector market is greater demand for power. Mid-size trucks begin to use all-electric powertrains. Batteries may not be sufficient for large trucks carrying 20 tons or more.

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