How to Select the Right Industrial Connector for Customized Engineering Applications?

When choosing the right industrial connector for an engineering project, there are countless combinations of connectors which are the basic components of any electronic product. They connect the whole electronic system together and play an important role in the successful design of the embedded system. Here are some custom connector solutions that might solve the problem.

1. Connector with integrated rear housing

For connector applications that reduce weight and increase shell to shell conductivity, move to a connector family with integrated cable management. Cable clamps, strap doors, shrink sleeve adapters, and other widely used rear housing configurations are integrated directly into the connector, replacing accessory threads and user installed accessories. Common style is made of single aluminum or stainless steel, and electroplated according to military specification. As a result, the connector has excellent conductivity, and the overall system cost of the low-end rear end and fewer components is lower than that of the traditional connector and rear housing.

2. Cylindrical connector with PC tail contact

For applications where size, weight, and electrical performance are critical, connectors designed for direct mounting to PC boards have significant advantages over traditional "crimp and stamp" contact terminations. The PC tail connector is usually based on the common mil specification connectors - including d38999, m28840, m83723 and m24308, which are compatible with ready-made plug connectors. However, they can be installed directly on rigid, semi-rigid or flexible PC boards through special PC tail contacts. Contacts are available in a variety of diameters, lengths, materials and plating configurations to ensure a perfect match with board level hardware. The connector body provides an optimized configuration for use in electronics boxes. Styles include thin box mount and lock nut sockets, integrated PC board bracket feet and traditional accessory threads, all of which can be made of aluminum, stainless steel and composite materials.

3. Double flange connector

The double flange mil d38999 connectors allows the user to mount the wall mounted or lock nut connector directly to the printed circuit board without using a fragile bracket or aftermarket adapter. The double flange connector meets all applicable requirements of d38999 to ensure compatibility with the qualified mil spec plug, and adopts a solid one-piece machined housing, including PCB feet and installation hardware. The connector can be changed between standard configuration and customized configuration, can obtain a full range of mil spec certified electroplated surfaces, and can provide a variety of installed PC tail contacts.

4. Filter connector

Filtered military size circular and rectangular mil dtl 55302 connectors - including d38999, m24308 d-subminiature, m83723, and others designed to protect sensitive electrical equipment from unwanted electromagnetic interference (EMI), radio frequency interference (RFI), and transient voltage spikes. Filtering can be achieved by integrating capacitors, diodes, ceramic planar arrays or any combination thereof into the contacts of the connector to achieve the required attenuation level. Planar arrays are the most commonly used and provide lightweight, low profile, and efficient methods to remove unwanted high-frequency noise from electrical systems. The diode allows the connector to divert the peak voltage to the ground in the event of a surge (e.g. lightning strike). Common filter types include C, LC, Cl and PI selected based on the required capacitance value. All types can be packaged in inline, backpack, double flange, contact, back case and accessories to meet all interconnection requirements.

5. Sealed connector

Sealed connectors are ideal for mission critical applications requiring lightweight, highly environmentally friendly I / O connections. Epoxy sealed connectors offer excellent moisture and gas entry protection, and are a good alternative to alchemy for metal sealing of glass, but their weight, cost, and delivery time often make them unsuitable for some applications. There is a wide range of standards used in these types of applications including d38999, m24308, m26500, M 83723 wait. These connectors can be customized for the temperature, seal and electrical requirements of each application. Available enclosure options usually include integrated PC board bracket, slim, standard accessory mount, and integrated rear housing. This type of connector can provide pre wiring (pigtail) or PC tail, standard m39029 signal contact, high frequency matching impedance coaxial cable, double axis contact and Quad contact.

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