The Function Performance and Use Choice of Aerospace Connector Plug

Ⅰ. The role of aerospace connector plug

The main function is to connect various devices. The working voltage of the aerospace connector plug is required to be below 12 volts. The aerospace plug can maintain a continuous working current due to its structural advantages, and the current flowing through it is very small.

Ⅱ. The performance required for aerospace connector plugs

1. Vibration and shock resistance is an important performance of aerospace connector plugs. It is particularly important in special application environments such as aviation and aerospace, railway and road transportation. It is important indicators to test the robustness and electrical contact reliability of aerospace plugs and connectors;

2. Humidity-resistant aerospace plugs and connectors: the intrusion of moisture will affect the insulation performance of the plug-in connection and rust metal parts;

3. Temperature resistance.

Ⅲ. Precautions for the use of aerospace connector plugs

1. Please do not disassemble and assemble the aerospace connector plug in a live state, otherwise it will be dangerous due to sparks, etc., or cause poor performance;

2. When the aerospace connector plug is exposed to condensation or wet, it may cause poor insulation between circuits. If condensation or water is likely to occur, please take appropriate waterproof measures;

3. When using the aerospace connector plug, do not branch the current above the rated value into multiple circuits for energization;

4. When using the aerospace connector plug row, if the resonance of the wires installed on the terminal, the printed wiring board, or the rotation structure of the equipment and the movement of the movable part, the terminal connector (connecting part) is always used for partial use, poor contact may be caused due to sliding wear of the contact part.

Ⅳ. The selection method of aerospace connector plug

1. Rated voltage and current

The same withstand voltage index of aerospace connector plug can use different maximum working voltage according to different using environment and safety requirements. To limit the rated current, in fact, it is necessary to limit the temperature rise inside the electrical connector not to exceed the specified value of the design. The problem that we should pay attention to when choosing is: For multi-core electrical connectors, the rated current must be derated for use.

2. Installation method and appearance

The shape of the aerospace connector plug terminal is ever-changing. The user mainly chooses from the straight shape, the curved shape, the outer diameter of the wire or cable and the fixing requirements with the shell, the volume, the weight, whether to connect the metal hose, etc. The electrical connector used on the panel should be selected from the aspects of beauty, shape, color and so on.

3. Electrical parameter requirements

Aerospace connectors are electromechanical components that connect electrical circuits. Therefore, the electrical parameters of the aerospace connector itself are the first consideration when choosing a connector.

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