The Main Classification Of Crimp Connection

Crimp connections are mainly divided into two types: lathe crimp pins and stamped crimp pins.

When crimping the cable, there are some details to pay attention to during the stripping and plugging process.

When stripping the wire, ensure that the cutting edge of the insulation is smooth, the core is intact, and no insulation is left on the core. The wrong stripping will greatly reduce the connection effect.

Pay attention to the length and depth when inserting. If the cable is inserted too short, it may cause the termination to fail to reach the specified pulling force, because the metal-to-metal contact between the cable and the terminal is reduced; if the cable is inserted too far, the life of the mini crimp connectors is shortened. Taking bur crimping as an example, when the first window can observe the metal wire core and the second window can observe the cable sheath, it indicates that the position of the wire core is just right.

After the crimping is completed, if you want to comprehensively test the connection effect, you need to check the pull force and section.

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