Manual Assembly of Connectors (2)

In addition to having an experienced supplier who fully understands the manufacturing process, the connector manufacturer must also solve the problems of repetitive work and forced insertion and removal during manual assembly.

Ergonomics can be used. The ergonomic design adjusts tasks, workstations, tools, and equipment to fit workers, to reduce the physical pressure on workers, and to minimize or eliminate severe occupational musculoskeletal disorders (MSDS). There are many ways to adjust the workplace to try to meet the ergonomic needs of employees.

To facilitate connector assembly workers, consider the following aspects when designing connectors:

1. Provide a proper connector structure so that there is a suitable and safe push point when inserting the connector.
2. Provide military grade connector and terminal polarization so that it can only be inserted and assembled in one direction to ensure correct assembly.
3. When inserting multiple connectors of the same bit size, if necessary, provide a keying option.
4. Design the connector shell with rounded edges to reduce the pressure of the fingers when the worker inserts the connector.
5. The design of the connector lock must ensure that a clear click sound is emitted after custom industrial connectors are inserted, and it can be touched and sensed, so that the production line workers know whether the lock is locked.
6. Design terminals that require less insertion force, while optimizing the normal force required for electrical and mechanical performance.
7. Apply lubricant to the terminals to reduce insertion force.
8. Use the terminal positioning device to improve the alignment of the terminal in the connector housing, which can reduce the short circuit of the terminal and require less insertion force.

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