Connector + Sensor = Excellent Development Opportunity (2)

Connector and sensor fusion

There is a natural connection between the connector and the sensor, so expanding the electronic sensor product line is an attractive proposal for the connector company. Many sensors require connectors and wiring harnesses to connect.

Electrical connectors manufacturers can reduce internal discrete wires, flexible circuit boards and cable assemblies. The most demanding industrial and avionics sensors often incorporate connectors and sensors.

Although current sensors and connectors are usually determined by different people in OEM. But a new opportunity has arrived.

Device manufacturers often try to reduce the number of their suppliers, and if connector suppliers can provide sensors, it is an attractive option. The long-term cooperative relationship can provide a wider range of technical support. It is a wise choice to find a reliable connector and sensor supplier worldwide. Traditional sensor manufacturers around the world usually only provide some products. In such a fast-growing and highly differentiated market, the time for integration is ripe.

The Chinese connector manufacturer company is facing a rare opportunity for development. The Internet of Things, big data, intelligence, 5G, Industry 4.0, driverless, telemedicine and other emerging fields and the arrival of the new economy, the application space for sensors is extremely huge. The natural fusion of connectors and MEMS sensors will be an inevitable trend. In the future, more connectors will appear in the market as modular, miniaturized and functionalized.

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