SUNKYE Guides You to Know About Micro Miniature Rf Connectors

Micro miniature rf connectors, also known as RF connectors, are usually considered as components mounted on cables or instrumentation. They act as electrical connectors or separate components of transmission lines, mainly as bridges.

Compared with other electronic components, the development history of RF connectors is relatively short. In 1930, the earliest RF connector, UHF connector, was born. During World War II, due to the urgent need for war, with the development of radar, radio and microwave communications, there were medium-sized series of N, C, BNC, TNC, etc.

After 1958, SMA, SMB, SMC and other micro miniature rf connectors appeared. In 1964, the U.S. military standard MIL-C-39012 "General Specification for Radio Frequency Coaxial Connectors" emerged. Since then, RF connectors have begun to develop towards standardization, serialization and generalization.

Generally speaking, the main designation of general rf connectors is domestic and foreign. The main designation of special products is specified by detailed specifications, and how to standardize the use of symbols.

The model of general mil spec rf connectors is composed of two parts: the main name code and the structural form code, separated by a short horizontal line "-". Other situations that need to be explained can be specified in the detailed specifications and separated by short transverse lines and structural form codes.

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