Strictness of Military/Aerospace Specifications

Mil/Aero specifications strictly control the design and development of Aeronautical and defense electronic products, up to component-level materials and processes. In many cases, military and aerospace standards are very similar, but there are also differences. The MIL/AERO specification ensures that every component designed in the mission-critical systems of spacecraft and detectors is rigorously tested and validated in the most extreme conditions.

The military and aerospace markets include a variety of applications, such as radar, cameras, vehicular electronics, aeroelectronics, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and so on. Interconnection is the core of all applications in these markets, ensuring peak performance and reliable transmission of power, signals, data and other media. Therefore, these applications need high performance and high reliability military grade electrical connectors that meet strict military and aerospace standards.

Military and aerospace specifications address the characteristics, functions and selection criteria of connectors, including:

1. The ability to withstand extreme temperature, pressure and humidity in the external environment.

2. Shell materials that meet the electrical and mechanical properties.

3. Connector specifications are consistent with application environment and performance requirements to avoid selecting or developing substandard or over-qualified connector products.

4. Select connectors provided by custom connector manufacturer when it is necessary. It can solve the size limitation and make it easier to integrate connectors into challenging systems.

The characteristics of harsh environment connectors are designed to ensure the best performance in some of the world's most difficult application areas. Military and aerospace electrical connectors require strict use of certain materials and processes.

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