Connector Classification

As the structure of the connector is becoming more and more diverse, new structures and application fields are emerging. Trying to use a fixed pattern to solve the problem of classification and naming can not meet the needs. Nevertheless, some simple classifications are still valid.

I. Interconnection Level
According to the function of the internal and external connection of electronic equipment, interconnection can be divided into five levels.

1. Internal connection of chip package
2. The connection between the IC package pin and PCB. Typical connectors are circuit board connector types
3. The connection between the printed circuit and conductor or printed board. Typical connectors are printed circuit connectors
4. Connection of base plate and base plate. Typical connectors are cabinet room connectors
5. The connection between equipment. The typical product is a circular connector.

There is some overlap at levels 3 and 4. Among the five levels of connectors, the products with the highest market volume are those of level 3 and level 5, and the products with the fastest growth are those of level 3.

II. Connector Specification Level
According to the classification of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), electrical power connectors are electromechanical components for electronic equipment, and their specification levels are as follows:

Family: connector
Sub family: circular connector
Type: dip circular connector

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