Feedthrough Plays a Critical Role in Oil and Gas Industry

Sunkey's Feedthroughs are Able to Transmit Electrical Power and Signals Into and Out of Vacuum-tight Assemblies with High Performance.

How to pass power and signals from outside of a vacuum without leakage into a vacuum chamber? The technology of hermetic sealing combines metal and glass to create vacuum-tight electrical connectors or feed-throughs that can be used in a wide range of extreme applications.

What is feedthrough?

A feedthrough is a conductor used to carry a signal through an enclosure or printed circuit board.

And feed-throughs are widely used in harsh working environments, they provide long-term peace of mind for energy applications in challenging environments, including liquefied natural gas, compressed gas, nuclear power, submarines, and oil and gas equipment.

The environment makes a feedthrough should often play a critical role. In the oil and gas industry, the feedthrough must be engineered to be highly reliable against extreme conditions. Whereas feed-throughs that are used in mechatronic systems often transfer signals from a not vacuum environment to a vacuum environment. Glass-to-metal sealing is a proven and durable method that is often selected for its ability to withstand a high degree of pressure and extreme temperatures. The earliest applications of glass-to-metal sealing technology were vacuum tubes. However, now the technology is utilized in a wide range of applications, from glass diodes to hermetic electrical feedthroughs used in vacuum applications.

Sunkye's feed-throughs protect safety-critical electrical infrastructure. This is especially important in potential severe accident scenarios that can include extreme temperature, pressure, thermal cycling, shocks, or vibration. Sunkye's feedthrough can be custom-made. This product family with careful design of each component to reliably meet the challenging specifications of different applications.

Sunkye’s Feedthrough Customized Specifications:

● Can be designed for operating conditions from -65℃~+200℃
● Can be designed to withstand as high pressure as 30,000PSI
● Glass Insulator
● Air leak: helium leak test ≤ 1×10 -3 Pa.cm 3 /s

Sunkye's team has kept working on performance for decades, enabling reduced recalls and replacements, as well as lower total cost of ownership. This means more cost-efficient power and signal transportation.


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