Environmental Factors Affecting the Connection Performance of Circular Connectors

The connection performance of the circular connector directly affects the use effect. In many cases, the product will be affected by the working environment, which is not conducive to the connection performance of the circular connector. Therefore, users need to choose different types of products according to their own environmental conditions. Let's focus on several environmental factors that affect connection performance.

The environment in which circular connectors are used is relatively complex. In order to maintain stable performance under different environmental conditions, circular connectors require high adaptability to the environment. Environmental factors such as humidity, temperature, vibration and other factors will shorten its service life.

1. The humidity of the circular connector

If the circular connector is used in the environment, the humidity in the air is relatively high, so the metal part of the circular connector is in contact with water vapor for a long time, which is easy to corrode and rust, resulting in a decrease in the insulation of the circular connector and an increase in conductivity. Therefore, during use, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the humidity of the surrounding environment is reasonable.

2. The temperature of the circular connector

Due to the law of natural weather, in summer, the overall ambient temperature is relatively high. In addition, after the circular connector is connected, the heat will increase due to the existence of current, which will cause the temperature of the jack to rise. High temperature will affect the service life of the jack. Under normal circumstances, the working temperature range of the jack is -60°C to 200°C.

3. Salt spray on circular connectors

The study found that the ambient temperature is 35°C and the concentration of the salt solution is 3%, which will lead to corrosion of metal parts. Therefore, the metal sheet of the circular connector will be corroded under the condition of salt spray, resulting in circular connection The performance of the device is degraded and the service life is shortened.

In addition, if there is vibration and shock in the use environment, it will affect the firmness of the circular connector. Therefore, before the product leaves the factory, it generally needs to pass the vibration and shock environment-related tests. Only after passing the test can the product be sold to the market.

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