Precautions for Maintenance when the Waterproof Connector is Disconnected

There are many details in the use of joints that should be noted. If there is a disconnection during use, how should it be handled correctly?

First cut off the power cord from the root of the waterproof connector, peel off the end of the cord, measure it with a multimeter, and then reserve the best.

Then carefully cut the power supply waterproof connectors marine from both sides with a saw, remove the waterproof connector copper piece, and you can see the broken place.

Remove the embroidering of the copper wire of the waterproof connector with sandpaper, and then solder the power cord to the copper. After welding, put it back into the sawed waterproof joint, seal it with epoxy resin, and fasten the waterproof joint with a small iron clip. It can be used after 24 hours of curing.

Pay attention to the following points when installing and using waterproof connectors and sockets:

1. The socket should be installed on an insulating board, in an insulating box, or on electrical boards and logs. Usually, the two holes of the socket are installed in parallel on the plane of the building.

2. When installing a three-hole socket, the grounding hole (large hole) must be installed above, and the grounding terminal must be connected to the grounding wire, and the neutral wire cannot be borrowed as the grounding wire.

3. The phase line should be connected to the specified terminal (marked with "L" letter). The 220v power supply enters the socket generally as "left zero right phase". The sockets with both double holes and three holes are combined sockets, which are mostly used as mobile sockets. Its structure and installation are similar to double-hole and three-hole sockets.

4. The rated current of the waterproof connector or socket that meet the ip68 waterproof standard is greater than the rated current of the load of the connected electrical appliance, and the rated current of the electrical appliance is not allowed to exceed the rated current of the socket.

5. Use mobile plugs to keep clean, pay attention to moisture to prevent leakage or short circuit due to insulation damage.

6. Some single-phase three-eye plugs and sockets or three-phase four-eye plugs and sockets must connect the ground wire to the terminal with the grounding symbol when wiring, and connect with the metal shell of the electrical appliance to ensure the safety of electricity.

7. Plugs and sockets must be in firm contact during wiring. The metal ends of the wires on adjacent terminals must be kept at a certain distance, and no burrs are allowed to prevent short circuits.

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