Four Connection Methods of Circular Connectors

Circular connectors play an important role in electronic engineering construction, ensuring the smooth flow of circuits, so they are widely used. At present, there are many types of circular connectors on the market, with various specifications and styles, and there are also many excellent connection technologies. At present, there are four connection methods that are commonly used. Let's introduce the specific content below!

1. Thread connection method of circular connector

A connection form that is often used by circular connectors that have larger-sized contacts and work in a strong vibration environment. This type of connection can be installed with a fuse to prevent loosening after the connection is completed. This connection form is reliable to use, but the connection and disassembly speed is slow.

2. The bayonet connection method of the circular connector

It is a reliable and rapid connection and separation form. Most card 121 connection style circular connectors have a visual indication of proper connection and locking, which can be viewed from the small hole on the side of the circular connector connection nut.

3. The plug-in connection method of the circular connector

is a versatile form of connection. When the plug and socket of the circular connector are connected and separated, the moving direction is usually a reciprocating linear motion, without twisting and rotating, and only a small working space is required to complete the connection and disassembly.

Common plug-in connections have two structures: balls or pins. Because there is no mechanically labor-saving mechanism in this connection form, once it is mis-inserted, the mechanical resistance will increase significantly, and it can be found in time.

4. Cabinet connection method of circular connector

It is suitable for circular connectors on some equipment that is close to the frame and needs to be connected blindly, which can make electrical equipment lighter and smaller, easier to maintain and more reliable.

This type of connection makes the operator unable to feel the connection, and an accurate positioning device must be designed to avoid forcing the misinserted circular connectors together, making misinsertion impossible. Cabinet circular connectors usually adopt floating or elastic contact design structure to ensure their correct connection.

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