Aircraft Connector/UAV Connector


Uninhabited Military Vehicle Systems (UMVS)

Unmanned Military Vehicles (UMVs) are enablers of military capability with clear endorsement at the highest level. More and more have active programs to develop and integrate UMV systems into the front line military force mix. UMVs are most commonly characterized as dealing well with 3D tasks – dull, dirty and dangerous. They are used extensively in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) roles, affording persistence in the provision of critical information, without risking lives. Increasingly, they are being considered for combat and support roles.

Modern warfare needs the military capability to respond to the threat of conventional hostile force and to the challenges of asymmetric conflicts, where political and military success relies on effects-based targeting and operations.

In the age of Network Centric Warfare (NCW), ISR information supplied by UMV systems can be a key combat multiplier in the hands of a commander. The importance of UMVs in modern warfare is as important as UMV's aircraft electrical connectors.