Aircraft Connector/UAV Connector


As UAVs play a greater role in military operations, the pressure to reduce volume and weight is also increasing. Aerospace UAV Connectors are an important basic component that is almost ubiquitous in military and aerospace aircraft & UAV applications and serve as interconnects for transmission signals and power, which has to meet stringent testing for outgassing and residual magnetism to be suitable for use in airspace & UAV applications. Outgassing and residual magnetism can adversely affect nearby components.

Weight & space-saving is necessary for aircraft & UAV connectors because there is only so much room on a space vehicle. They have to be extremely reliable as well and they must resistant to severe environmental conditions like shock, radiation, extreme temperatures, and vibration. In the case of high vibration, shock and temperature cycling, the board to board or box to box connectors of UAV and its cables must also be highly reliable.