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Solutions for Marine Applications

Sunkye Marine Application?connector series, cables, and accessories are designed for severe, high-pressure environment geophysical and oceanographic applications—from offshore oil drilling to seabed exploration and pipeline inspection systems. Preferred by the worldwide of oil patch equipment manufacturers for decades, this product features Marine-grade stainless steel machined shells and naval bronze plug coupling rings/High-pressure environmental and hermetic options/ Power and signal insert arrangements.
A full line of backshells, protective covers, and molding adapters. We can design and fabricate? Over-molded cable assemblies for the ultimate in high-pressure, extreme environment interconnect protection.

Explore Other Custom Connector Connector Application

  • Combo Connector
    Combo Connector

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  • Assembly Interconnect Wire Harnesses

    Custom electrical connectors from Sunkye with many years of experience will fit all your needs.

    Assembly Interconnect Wire Harnesses
  • Railway System
    Railway System

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  • Environmentally Sealed Solutions

    In order to achieve great sealing performance, Sunkye's custom electrical connectors combine the most advanced technology.

    Environmentally Sealed Solutions
  • Interconnect

    Sunkye can guarantee that our engineers will create the most professional custom electrical connectors for you.