Military / Defense

Soldier System Wearables

Equipping soldiers for modern missions means giving them the technological edge to succeed.  To develop soldier wearables and systems, including integrating personal networks, sensors, C4 communications, and the power to manage the systems, as well as connect all the systems in a reliable and easy-to-use manner. Wearable technologies have been evolving in the most unexpected fields, according to recent studies, wearable technologies will enable soldiers to either track and be tracked in real-time and great precision – which will ensure the safety of these soldiers as well as to diminish the risk of failure in high-risked operations. In this respect, developing technologies that are discreet and can be carried along the soldier can be a life changer.

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  • Defense

    As a result of their mission, military vehicles are exposed to hydrocarbon destructive fires or explosions through their life.In combat situations an explosion may occur in the crew compartment when a...

  • Military Drone

    UAV technology also requires the use of connectors for military applications, in order to achieve its requirements for high precision and other aspects.

    Military Drone
  • Military Vehicle Solutions
    Military Vehicle Solutions

    Military electrical connectors used in military vehicles have high requirements for performance due to their special features.

  • Military Marine: Submarine Solutions

    The deep sea is one of the environments that military connectors must adapt to. This type of connector is necessary for submarines.

    Military Marine: Submarine Solutions
  • Avionics System
    Avionics System

    Military avionics involve the navigation system, Communications system, sensors system, mission system, and displays & controls system. Sunkye concentrated on more complex and high-performance int...

  • Land Defence Radar System Application And Solution
    Land Defence Radar System Application And Solution

    Land Defence Radar system application and solution have extensive expertice in advanced long-range electro-optical surveillance and targeting systems, RF Sensors, Electronic Warfare systems, and Anti-...

  • Military Communication Solution

    Purpose of the military communication system to function effectively, military command and control depend on a complex communication network of equipment, personnel, and communication protocols to rel...

    Military Communication Solution