Flight Control and Landing Gear Systems for Commercial Aerospace

Flight Control and Landing Gear Systems for Aerospace Benefit with sophisticated electronics, support for the robust solutions to severe conditions of aircraft while maintaining mechanical and electrical integrity. Including sealed relays, sensors, the perform better, install easier and good for the improved of aircraft. we will be working with you together.

Explore Other Aerospace Connector Application

  • Weapons and Munitions Solution
    Weapons and Munitions Solution

    Sunkye offers higher-level aerospace d sub connectors for your weapon system development to meet more demanding requirements.

  • Power & Signal

    Sunkye's tailor-made aerospace connector solutions can solve more specific and complex requirements for you.

    Power & Signal
  • Control Systems
    Control Systems

    The performance of aerospace d-sub connectors in the control system is highly valued in the aerospace field.

  • Avionics

    Avionics need space grade connectors for complex and sophisticated airborne computers.

  • Grounding Systems
    Grounding Systems

    Sunkye can meet the requirements of the aerospace connectors market for grounding systems, and can also customize solutions for you.