Sunkye Super Pin Datasheet

Brief Introduction of super pin:

Super pin contacts is a typical miniature connector contacts, the minimum diameter is 0.254mm (0.01”).
Super pin contacts is an advanced and high performace solderless compression connector technology thatcan be repeated disassembly and maintenance, can keep the best connection of the electric current and microwave in the vibration environment.
Super pin contacts with high speed signal transmission, long service life, better adaptability etc. high performance and are widely applied in the fields of both military and industry.
High signal speed capability enabling frequencies greater than 40 GHz.

Sunkye Super Pin

Application of Super pin contacts:

Super pin contacts can be widely used in weapons, satellite, missiles, space probe, aircraft, supercomputer, vacuum system, product testing system, IC(integrated circuit), unmanned aircraft system, UAS(Unmanned Aerospace Surveillance), jet fighter, radar array, crash-test, RF and high signal transmission etc.

Sunkye Super Pin Datasheet 2

Performance of Super pin contacts:

Current Capability : 5 Amps Continuous
Environment temperature range:-60℃~150℃
Mating Cycles (Super pin contacts alone): >5000 cycles
Mating Cycles (with Hardhats) : >500000 cycles
Compression Force:34 grams
Frequency Capability:to 40 GHz in natural state, to 100 GHz with design optimization
Compliance : 15 - 30% of length
Cross Talk/Bandwidth:-20dB@10Ghz
Insertion Loss/Bandwidth:-0.2dB@10GHz/-1dB@26GHz
Return Loss/Bandwidth:-15dB@10GHz
Inductance:0.19nH Self / 0.03nH Mutual
Capacitance:0.16pF Ground / 0.008pF Mutual
Contact resistance:<10mΩ
super pin imagesuper pin image

Tesing sample of Super pin contacts:

Part no. SKFB-0.5/ 5
Material Copper-Be Length(Tolerance+20 0%) 5mm
Diameter(Tolerance±5%) φ0.5mm Volume fill rate (Tolerance±2%) 28%

Testing datasheet of Super pin contacts

Item Technical analysis indicators Result
1 Current Capability(max) 5A
2 Operating temperature range -60℃~+150℃
3 Mating Cycles 1000 cycles
4 Mating Cycles (with Hardhats) 1000 cycles
5 Compliance 15% - 30% of length
6 Compression Force 0.46N(0.5mm compression)
7 VSWR ≤1.87@10GHz
8 Insertion Loss ≤-0.48dB@10GHz
9 Return Loss ≥10.39dB@10GHz
10 Resistance <42.7mΩ
11 Thermal shock -60℃~+150℃
12 Humidity 240h
13 Salt spray 48h
14 Vibration 150m/s2
15 Shock 490m/s2

VSWR of image

Insertion loss of image

Insertion loss of image

Feature of Super pin contacts

  • High signal speed capability enabling frequencies greater than 20 GHz.
  • Solderless, compression-style interconnect system.
  • Applications include production Land Grid Array (LGA) integrated circuit sockets and parallel PCB to
  • PCB interconnections.
  • Provides solutions to many of the problems associated with through hole and surface mount soldered technology.
  • Enables upgrade and system maintenance strategies.
  • Available in custom I/O configurations and I/O counts from 1 to over 7,000.
  • Contact centerline spacing of 1mm or greater.
  • Excellent reliability in commercial, military, and aerospace applications.
  • Application can result in lower installed and system maintenance costs.

Materials of Super pin contacts

  • Contact Material: Molybdenum
  • CIN::APSE Contact Plating: Gold
  • Plunger Material: Copper alloy
  • Plunger Plating: Gold
  • Insulator Material: Liquid crystal polymer
  • Packaging Tray Material: Anti-static ABS

Mechanical of Super pin contacts

  • Contact-Only Configuration with 0.020" (0.5 mm) diameter
  • Durability: 25,000 Z-axis actuations (CIN::APSE contact only)
  • Shock:100 Gs; 6 milliseconds; no discontinuity greater than 2 nanoseconds
  • Vibration:20 Gs; 10-2,000 Hz; no discontinuity greater than 2 nanoseconds

Electrical of Super pin contacts

  • Contact-Only Configuration with 0.020" (0.5 mm) Diameter
  • DC Resistance: Less than 15mOhm
  • Inductance: Less than 0.5 nH
  • Current-Carrying Capability: 3 – 6 Amps
  • Insulation Resistance: > 1000 MOhm @ 500 VDC
  • Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: 500 VDC at sea level

Environmental of Super pin contacts

  • Contact-Only Configuration with 0.020" (0.5 mm) Diameter
  • Temperature Life Testing: 1000 Hours @ 200°C; 5000 Hours @ 170°C
  • Thermal Shock: 100 Cycles @ -55°C to +85°C; 2,000 cycles @ -20°C to +110°C
  • Humidity: 5,000 Hours @ 30°C to 80°C @ 85% RH
  • Salt Spray: 96 Hours
  • Low Temperature: Operates in liquid nitrogen (-200°C)
  • Bellcore TR-NWT-001217: Passed with plungers

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