Custom Connector

Custom Connector

There are many kinds of connectors, including 2pin and 4Pin types, or other numbers of pins. Some of them can be used as waterproof products, and some of them adopt different electroplating, different directions, welding technology, fasteners and assembly aids. Therefore, connector series products have numerous variants.

Nowadays many connector models are standard configuration, which means there is no mold cost. However, the disadvantage is that the delivery time of connector models may be relatively long. Sometimes, standard solutions may not match your needs. Unique applications and equipment require special electrical connectors. However, custom connector manufacturers and consumers now have many types of connector options. If you can't find a product that meets your needs, you can use customized connectors. Customized connectors are specially designed and manufactured to meet the specific specifications you need. You can adjust the characteristics, performance, model, etc. of the equipment. It can not only make minor changes to existing products, but also create new products.
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    Combo Connector

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  • Environmentally Sealed Solutions

    Environmentally Sealed Solutions

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Sunkye committed to leading the world's highest performance custom interconnector solution in EMI Filter, Multi cable assembly, PEEK terminal, PEEK insulator, silicone rubber parts, hermetically-sealed connectors, HTHP connectors, custom rf connectors, waterproof & chemical resistance connectors, ultra nano miniature connectors. Sunkye offers cost-effective solutions for any custom, semi custom connector or cable component. Our team of engineers is dedicated to design and manufacture the highest quality interconnection solutions for every customer. Our minimum order quantity is low and delivery time is short, which can help you enter the market quickly.

Custom connectors are suitable for different special application environments. Customized ultra-small, ultra-light and ultra-thin connection terminals can be customized. Non-standard parts (sealing parts, transmission parts, and replacement parts, etc.) can be customized to the highest level of the end use. Increase industry differentiation and competitiveness of products.

Sunkye will take into account the product space constraints, current load capacity, connector design, connector functional requirements, connector replaceability needs and connection stability and other factors to build for you.

If you can't find the type you need in a series of standard connectors, create your own custom electrical connector! You may need to spend some extra time and money, but in this way, you can make sure that the custom connector matches your application perfectly.