Military / Defense

Military / Defense

Sunkye defense series connectors are working to help the end customer understand the complex needs and issues that affect R&D, manufacturing, the workforce, and the supply chain. The "defense series" deliver high-reliability performance in harsh-environment military, automotive, aerospace applications with high-power, high-voltage, and high-vibration requirements, including GBR, airborne radar, ship base radar, etc.

In the military / defense area, mil spec electrical connectors are invaluable for applications related to control systems, grounding systems, propulsion, weapons, and ammunition. Although almost everything today uses circuits or circuit boards, and circuits or circuit boards use connectors to link various modules, connectors play a crucial role in ensuring the reliability, robustness and performance of the system.

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    The electrical umbilical connector provided with detent structure for dead facing the connector during use thereof. Salient features include a throwaway connector part utilized for circuit breaking an...

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    The harsh environments submarine encounters include extreme hot and cold temperatures and extensive pressure cycling.

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Most electrical and electronic systems and machinery must operate in harsh conditions exposed to natural elements. These systems must operate under extreme temperature, dust, water and air pressure changes. Because of these key requirements, architects and integrators of aerospace and defense systems must weigh many requirements and considerations when choosing the right military electrical connectors for their current work. Without proper connection of power supply and data, each system and node on the network across a wide geographical area will not be able to relay important information.

Product performance for signal-populated environments such as radar relies on phase stability to ensure the complete signal is transmitted and received intact. Sunkye's high-quality and professionalism make it become your best choice.

Military Standard Landing Defense Multi-Channel Complicated System of Radar: early warning radar, search alert radar, guided command radar, gun sight radar, altimetry radar, battlefield surveillance radar, airborne radar, radio altimetry radar, radar fuze, weather radar, navigation control radar, etc.

Artillery and missiles, tank and armored vehicles, helicopters, engineering equipment, etc. Including system of ships, gunboats, submarines, warships, aircraft carriers, individual systems, tanks, tanks, radars, aircraft, torpedoes, missiles, rockets, satellites, spacecraft.

Good military connector manufacturers will always strive to ensure that every service is attentive and thoughtful, Sunkye aims to be the best of them.