Automotive Electrical Connectors

Automotive Electrical Connectors

Sunkye automotive grade connectors onboard power applications in the rail market allow for multiple customer-defined configurations, enable easy assembly and further enhance flexibility with the ability to integrate local cabling and components.

As one of the professional automotive connector manufacturers, Sunkye can provide high-quality custom mil spec connectors for automotive vehicles, on and off-highway, and hybrid and electric vehicles to electrically and mechanically join wires and cables, printed circuit boards, integrated circuit packages, and batteries. Automotive power connectors are built to withstand tough conditions and suit the needs of varying applications.

Application Of Different Types of Automotive Electrical Connectors

Sunkye automobile connectors support high sports performance high-temperature 280℃ automotive grade connectors, Anti-Water & Oil the advantage of heat exhaustion resistance improve the matching performance of the whole automatic. Sports High-Performance Automobile requiring for high-temperature heat exhaustion resistance & high-performance sporting. Sunkye family D108 removable connector Series will reach the high performance which you are thinking.

Features of Sunkye Automotive Electrical Connectors

  • The series' removable and interchangeable modules also simplify new and retrofit installations. 
  • Mitigate maintenance requirements, lower the total cost of ownership, and provide space and weight savings. 
  • Sunkye automotive military electrical connectors types include Ip68 waterproof connector, D108 circular electrical connector, MIL-DTL-26482 small circular connector, are Qualified for harsh-environment, high temperature, anti-oil working environment. 
  • High performance to supports multi-parallel for the testing programming for the high-performance sports racing cars parallel durability and performance programs covering more than 50,000 km, with various 24- and 36-hour tests being completed by multiple Race Prototype (RP) cars under the extreme pressure of endurance racing. The latest high-performance sports racing cars aerodynamics match with the lightweight design carbon fiber materials developed to deliver even greater levels of stability and aerodynamic efficiency than its road car stablemate.
  • Meanwhile, as a automotive wire connectors supplier, the Sunkye automotive terminal connectors also support multi-lane of sensors and data analysis capabilities developed in automotive, such as auto electrical cable connectors(automotive cable electrical connectors) which is designed for electric vehicles to electrically and mechanically join wires and cables.

When deciding which Mil-Spec automotive electrical connector will suit your needs, there a few things to consider:

  • Each automotive power connector kit is sold as pictured, with contacts as well as insert / removal tools.
  • A "Matched Set" is comprised of a plug and receptacle.
  • Accessory threads are provived for backshells and SB adapters. Sold seperatley.
  • Heat shrink boots are available and sold seperatley. See product listings for details.
If you are looking for reliable professional automotive connector suppliers, Sunkye will be your best choice!

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