Sunkey R06 Crimp Style Connector
  • Sunkey R06 Crimp Style Connector

Sunkey R06 Crimp Style Connector

  • Micro-D connectors
  • Twist pin contact, high density interconnection
  • Micro-D connectors
  • Metel shell,plated nickel or cadmium
  • Micro-D connectors
Sunkye free mounted crimp connector series
  • Contact number: 9, 15, 21, 25, 31, 37, 51, 65, 69.
  • High Density, Micro, Light, Highly Reliable.
  • Locking screw fixed on the outer shell, can't disassembly.
  • The connector is free mounted, not fixed, usually mated with a connector that has a nut.
  • Recommended JC(straight slot screw)types of screws, tight by a miniature straight screwdriver.
  • When choosing JC1(hex)type of screws, tight by 1.27mm sub tense hex screwdriver.
  • Working temperature environment: -55℃~+125℃.
  • Machine life: 200 times.

Brief introduction of Sunkey R06 Crimp Style Connector

  • Contacts:9,15,21 25,31.3751,65,69
  • Twist flexible micro pin (twist pin), 0.635mm pitch, micro miniature outline dimension
  • Screw nut locking, it is gently when insert and extract, stably locked
  • It is used for all kinds for electric circuit system interconnection which have high density, micro, light, highly reliable requirement, it can meet light and miniaturize demand
  • Plug with twist pin, receptacle with socket, free terminal with locking screw, fixed terminal with nut, standard mated connector locked by screw and nut
  • Standard: MIL-DTL-32139
  • The sectional area of crimp conductive cable is 0.035mm²
  • Undefined tolerance is±0.13

Specification of Sunkey R06 Crimp Style Connector
Environment temperature: -55℃~+125℃ Contact resistance: ≤ 21mΩ
Vibration: 10Hz~2000Hz, 196m/s²
Insulation resistance:≥ 5000MΩ 100VDC
Shock:980m/s²  6ms Dielectric strength: 250V
Rated current: 1A Durability: 200 times
Random vibration: Power spectrum density 0.4G²/Hz, r.m.s value of total acceleration 23.1G

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